Research on 2D Semiconductors

Our Approaches

Two-dimensional transition-metal dichalcogenide (TMDC) materials offer a new way to access the semiconductor devices such field-effect transistors, diodes, and sensors easily in the university laboratory level. From the mechanically-exfoliated flakes to the CVD-grown monolayer film, final semiconductor devices can be manufactured using the photo- or e-beam lithography techniques which are routinely processes in the lab. New idea is under test for the next-generation information processing hardware elements with low-power and fast operation transistor/memory devices. 

For the students, the experience obtained from this research topic will be applicable to the semiconductor industry in terms of the fabrication techniques and the semiconductor device physics.

Two-Dimensional semiconductors

Former Topics

•MoS2, MoTe2 transistors

•2D Hall sensor

•MoS2 gas sensor with local-heating function

Recent Topics

Semiconductor devices

•FeFET & NC-FET of MoS2 using HfZrO2

(ferroelectric- & negative-capacitance-FET)

•Inverter & Ring-oscillator

•Photo-responsive 2D memory with electrical tunability using LaAlO3