Research on 
Carbon Nanotubes

Our Approaches

We study the practical application of carbon nanotube (CNT) system having the shape of sheet or yarn. The CNT sheet is mechanically drawn from the vertically grown spinnable CNT forest, and it can be converted to a yarn by the twisting many layers of CNT sheets together. Here, individual CNTs are entangled together to form a macroscopic object without binder. Our special approach is to incorporate functional materials into the CNT sheet or yarn to maximize its functionality as an energy device or a superconducting yarn. In a next step, we have a dream to use a highly entangled CNT network as a hardware device for artificial intelligence using a reservoir computing approach. 

Carbon Nanotobes

Conventional Approaches

•Energy Storage : flexible / yarn-type



•Energy Generator / Converter

•Energy harvesting

•Soft actuator

•Power / Signal Transmitter

•Stretchable Conductor / Heater

•Replacement of Copper

Recent Topics

Random Networks for AI (Artificial Intelligence) accelerator

•Superconducting Yarn

•Superconducting Nanowire Random Network

  Exploration toward AI hardware accelerator for reservoir computing

Smart Sensor

•Large-stroke & flexible strain sensor in the commercial level