Research on Graphene Devices

Our Approaches

Graphene is the ideal system for studying two-dimensional electronic phenomena, which contains lots of intriguing physics. In addition to its own features including emergent quantum phases in the twisted multilayer system, graphene can work as a quantum sensor detecting the changes of the other functional materials in contact. The movement of the charge neutrality point, the variation in quantum Hall effect and the hysteretic charge conduction in graphene give the clues of what is happening in the quantum materials having the van der Waals contact with graphene. 

This study will be beneficial to the students in terms of learning nanoelectronic devices, semiconductor device fabrication techniques, and exploring quantum device physics.

Graphene Devices

Former topics

Smart Sensor

•Graphene transistor / Quantum Hall effect

•Ultra-sensitive magnetic Hall sensor

•Graphene on Ferroelectricity

Recent Topics

Graphene quantum sensor for studying

•2D magnetism

•Quantum spin liquid

•Perovskite thin film