Prof. Dongseok Suh Publications 2. (2013-2017)

The complete list of papers and publications of Prof. Suh. The highlighted  papers are linked in the original websites.


58. "Ultra-stretchable Analog/Digital Signal Transmission Line with Carbon Nanotube Sheets"

Yourack Lee, Min-Kyu Joo, Viet Thong Le, Raquel Ovalle-Robles, Xavier Lepró, Márcio D. Lima, Daniel G. Suh, Han Young Yu, Young Hee Lee, and Dongseok Suh,

ACS Applied Materials&Interfaces. 9 (31), pp 26286–26292 (2017)

2017.08.09.-- [CNT]; Corresponding Author

57. "In-situ multi-dimensional actuation measurement method for tensile actuation of paraffin-infiltrated multi-wall carbon nanotube yarns",

Dang Xuan Dang, Thuy Kieu Truong, Seong Chu Lim, and Dongseok Suh,

Rev. Sci. Instrum. 88 (7), 075001 (2017)

2017.07.05 [CNT]; Corresponding Author

56. "Feasibility of Ultra-Sensitive Two-Dimensional Layered Hall Elements" 

Min-Kyu Joo, Joonggyu Kim, Gwanmu Lee, Hyun Kim, Young Hee Lee, and Dongseok Suh,

2D Materials 4 (2), 021029 (2017)

2017.06.05.-- [TMDC]; Corresponding Author

55. "Carbon-Nanotube-Templated, Sputter-Deposited, Flexible Superconducting NbN Nanowire Yarns" 

Jeong-Gyun Kim, Haeyong Kang, Yourack Lee, Jeongmin Park, Joonggyu Kim, Thuy Kieu Truong, Eun Sung Kim, Doo Hyun Yoon, Young Hee Lee, and Dongseok Suh,

Advanced Functional Materials. 27 (30), 1701108 (2017)

2017.08.11.-- [CNT]; Corresponding Author


54. "Thickness-dependent carrier mobility of ambipolar MoTe2: Interplay between interface trap and Coulomb scattering",

Hyunjin Ji, Gwanmu Lee, Min-Kyu Joo, Yoojoo Yun, Hojoon Yi, Ji-Hoon Park, Dongseok Suh, and Seong Chu Lim,

Appl. Phys. Lett. 110 (18), 183501 (2017)

2017.05.01 [TMDC]; Corresponding Author

53. "Quantum Conductance Probing of Oxygen Vacancies in SrTiO3 Epitaxial Thin Film Using Graphene" 

Kyeong Tae Kang, Haeyong Kang, Jeongmin Park, Dongseok Suh, and Woo Seok Choi,

Advanced Materials. 29 (18), 1700071 (2017) [Inside Back Cover]

2017.05.10.-- [Graphene]; Corresponding Author

52. "Understanding Coulomb Scattering Mechanism in Monolayer MoS2 Channel in the Presence of h-BN Buffer Layer",

Min-Kyu Joo, Byoung Hee Moon, Hyunjin Ji, Gang Hee Han, Hyun Kim, Gwanmu Lee, Seong Chu Lim, Dongseok Suh, and Young Hee Lee,

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 9 (5), pp 5006–5013 (2017)

2017.01.17 [2D-TMDC]


51. "Torsional Actuator Powered by Environmental Energy Harvesting from Diurnal Temperature Variation"

Dongseok Suh, Thuy Kieu Truong, Daniel G. Suh, Seong Chu Lim, 

ACS Sustainable Chemistry& Engineering 4 (12), pp 6647–6652 (2016)

2016.12.05.-- [CNT]; First & Corresponding Author


50. "Strong Coulomb scattering effects on low frequency noise in monolayer WS2 field-effect transistors",

Min-Kyu Joo, Yoojoo Yun, Seokjoon Yun, Young Hee Lee, and Dongseok Suh,

Appl. Phys. Lett. 109 (15), 153102 (2016)

2016.10.10 [2D-TMDC]; Corresponding Author

49. "Electron excess doping and effective Schottky barrier reduction on MoS2/h-BN heterostructure",

Min-Kyu Joo, Byoung Hee Moon, Hyunjin Ji, Gang Hee Han, Hyun Kim, Gwan Mu Lee, Seong Chu Lim, Dongseok Suh, Young Hee Lee,

Nano Lett. 16 (10), pp 6383–6389 (2016)

2016.09.20 [2D-TMDC]

48. "Multifunctional characterization of carbon nanotube sheets, yarns, and their composites",

Thuy Kieu Truong, Yourack Lee, and Dongseok Suh,

Curr. Appl. Phys. 16 (9), pp 1250–1258 (2016)

2016.09.-- [CNT]; Corresponding Author

47. "Large-Scale Graphene on Hexagonal-BN Hall Elements: Prediction of Sensor Performance Without Magnetic Field"

Min-Kyu Joo, Joonggyu Kim, Ji-Hoon Park, Van Luan Nguyen, Ki Kang Kim, Young Hee Lee, and Dongseok Suh, 

ACS Nano 10 (9), pp 8803–8811 (2016)

2016.08.31.-- [Graphene]; Corresponding Author


46. "Suppression of Interfacial Current Fluctuation in MoTe2 Transistors with Different Dielectrics",

Hyunjin Ji, Min-Kyu Joo, Yoojoo Yun, Ji-Hoon Park, Gwanmu Lee, Byoung Hee Moon, Hojoon Yi, Dongseok Suh, Seong Chu Lim,

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 8 (29), pp 19092–19099 (2016)

2016.06.30 [2D-TMDC]; Corresponding Author

45. "Voltage Scaling of Graphene Device on SrTiO3 Epitaxial Thin Film" 

Jeongmin Park, Haeyong Kang, Kyeong Tae Kang, Yoojoo Yun, Young Hee Lee, Woo Seok Choi, and Dongseok Suh, 

Nano Letters. 16 (3), pp 1754–1759 (2016)

2016.02.08.-- [Graphene]; Corresponding Author


44. "Ferroelectric Single-Crystal Gated Graphene/Hexagonal-BN/Ferroelectric Field-Effect Transistor" 

Nahee Park, Haeyong Kang, Jeongmin Park, Yourack Lee, Yoojoo Yun, Jeong-Ho Lee, Sang-Goo Lee, Young Hee Lee, and Dongseok Suh, 

ACS Nano 9 (11), pp 10729–10736 (2015)

2015.10.20. (Web)-- [Graphene]; Corresponding Author


43. "Dual-gated BN-sandwiched multilayer graphene field-effect transistor fabricated by stamping transfer method and self-aligned contact",

Jeongmin Park, Haeyong Kang, Dongsub Chung, Joonggyu Kim, Jeong-Gyun Kim, Yoojoo Yun, Young Hee Lee, Dongseok Suh,

Curr. Appl. Phys. 15 (10), pp 1184-1187 (2015)

2015.10.-- [Graphene]; Corresponding Author

42. "Quantum Hall conductance of graphene combined with charge-trap memory operation",

Haeyong Kang, Yoojoo Yun, Jeongmin Park, Joonggyu Kim, Thuy Kieu Truong, Jeong-Gyun Kim, Nahee Park, Hoyeol Yun, Sang Wook Lee, Young Hee Lee and Dongseok Suh,

Nanotechnology 26, 345202 (2015)

2015.08.05 [Graphene]; Corresponding Author


41. "Passivation effect on gate-bias stress instability of carbon nanotube thin film transistors",

Sang Won Lee, Dongseok Suh, Si Young Lee, and Young Hee Lee,

Appl. Phys. Lett. 104, 163506 (2014)

2014.04.24 [CNT]; Corresponding Author

40. "All-Solid-State Carbon Nanotube Torsional and Tensile Artificial Muscles",

Jae Ah Lee, Youn Tae Kim, Geoffrey M. Spinks, Dongseok Suh, Xavier Lepró, Mácio D. Lima, Ray H. Baughman, and Seon Jeong Kim,

Nano Lett. 14 (5), pp 2664–2669 (2014)

2014.04.21 [CNT]